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The professional staff at DCI Auctions has decades of experience guiding clients through the auction process, handling every detail along the way.


  1. The items and facility are prepared, cleaned and organized in order to maximum return

  2. All items are photographed, lot tagged, and dictated for the brochure and for display on our Web site. DCI Auctions uses computerized cataloging, invoicing and auction reconciliation to ensure a fast, accurate and organized auction.

  3. An advertising campaign tailored to your needs is created. Auction brochures are printed, mailing lists are generated, media ads are placed, and a targeted email notification is sent to our large database of potential buyers



  1. Typically held the day prior to sale, inspection day allows potential buyers to view and test items and ask any questions they may have prior to the auction.



  • Bidders are registered and bank letters are verified

  • Auction announcements and introductions are made

  • Auctioneers and ringmen take charge and the auction begins

  • Payout of buyers is completed with computer generated receipts for checkout

  • Checkout is performed by DCI personnel to ensure accuracy and order

  • Rigging is performed by insured riggers at the buyer’s expense.

  • DCI supervises asset removal and clean-up

  • Final settlement is promptly completed with the client with full accounting

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