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Our 30+ years experience in the auction industry gives us first-hand knowledge of equipment and property values.  Business owners, lending and leasing institutions, as well as insurance companies, have used our valuation services for financing, restructuring, acquisition, or simply to know the actual value of their property. We utilize the latest methods of research and dictation to provide our clients with a fair and informative appraisal and are willing to provide court testimony upon request.
Duckwall Auction’s certified appraisers have extensive appraisal and research experience valuing assets in a wide range of industries.

Appraisal and Research Experience:

  • Machinery and related equipment

  • Metal / Wood industry

  • Contractors Equipment

  • Office furniture and equipment

  • Aircraft plants

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Oilfield Equipment

  • Real Estate Analysis and feasibility studies

  • Grocery

  • Printing


Appraisal Value Experience

  • Fair Market Value

  • Fair Market Value In-Place

  • Liquidation Value

  • Liquidation Value In-Place

  • Orderly Liquidation Value

  • Replacement Cost

  • Insurance Value

  • Salvage Value

  • Intangibles

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